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The lead mare encourages her herd to embrace their unique gifts and educates them in being their own authority.

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There is a place deep in our souls, where horses touch us and awaken our hearts. For centuries these incredible animals have offered themselves to us as work horses, war horses, competitors, friends, family members and teachers. Harmonious Horsemanship is dedicated to enhancing the lives of each and every horse and human we meet. Through education, experiential learning, empowering skill building exercises and life changing shifts our clients are able to connect with their horses, and themselves, in a deeper and more fulfilling way. This creates space for both horse and human to share their unique gifts with one another, and the world.




  • Jodine's practical and common sense teaching makes it easy for her students to understand exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. It is then no big deal to progress rapidly with their new found knowledge and Jodine makes it fun as well as well as informational.
    – Jane Holderness Roddam,
    Olympic Gold Medalist, Author of over 20 books, Chairman of Riding for the Disabled Association(UK) and President of British Eventing
  • What is important in Jodine's training methods is her consideration, making the journey safe, reasonable and heart centered, holding the well-being of the horse above the agenda of the human.
    – Liz Mitten Ryan,
    Co-Author of One With the Herd, The Truth According to Horses, Life Unbridled and Sabbatical

  • Jodine is deeply connected with horses. She combines this gift with an inquiring mind and the willingness to explore. She has done her research in the horse world, psychology, human dynamics and neuroscience. Horses understand Harmonious Horsemanship and benefit from this approach. Everyone who truly loves horses wants to have a genuine connection with them. It is time for Jodine to share her work and help others reach harmony with their horses.
    – Deborah Marshall,
    M.A., R.C.C., Advanced Epona Instructor

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