12 days of Christmas

Posted by harmonio on December 11, 2013


Growing up I always loved this time of year. Christmas vacation meant extra time with my horse and all sorts of great adventures. My pony Quantez was transformed into a reindeer when I put my gloves on her ears. My horse Shadow jumped snow jumps and pulled my friends on a toboggan as I galloped him around the field. Ollie and I would play at liberty in the snow filled ring. And they all benefitted from my experiments with bran mash and candy canes!

As an adult the magic faded a little. My winters in California were often spent in a tshirt with only one day off of work(riding horses) on Christmas Day and then another on New Years Day. Then I moved back to Canada and started my own business training horses. Most of my clients did not have an indoor arena so I often had plenty of days off around the holidays. Unfortunately I spent most of them wishing for California sunshine as I stretched my pay checks over extended periods of time.

This year as Holly, Bayley and I were planning for the Harmonious Horsemanship 12 Days of Christmas we decided on a photo shoot. They arrived at my place with their camera’s and a bag of Santa hats, reindeer antlers and bows. There may even have been an elf hat in there!

Caesar and Breeze were both stars, supporting a variety of festive looks. As we all laughed our way through the photo shoot I suddenly realized why my horses were so great growing up. I did stuff like this with them all the time. Show horse by day, bestfriend by night. I was desensitizing them to different things all the time. The great part was that because my intention was to have fun they picked up on that energy. It made me realize that while becoming an adult does mean more responsibility it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our horses. This is a great time of year to lighten up and bring it back to simply connecting with our horses, however that may look.

So in the spirit of Christmas, and fun, Harmonious Horsemanship is celebrating twelve days of Christmas, with twelve days of give-aways and twelve days of fun!

Starting on Thursday December 12th we will be sharing a new topic each day on our blog, facebook, twitter and instagram. You can just enjoy the fun or partake in our contests to win great prizes such as copies of If Your Horse Could Talk (book), Don’t Just Face Your Fear...Embrace Your Fear (ebook), horsey Christmas ornaments and more. Anyone who plays along for all twelve days will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate as well as both the book and ebook!

Happy Holidays from Jodine, Breeze and Caesar!