Christmas Gifts for Your Horse

Posted by harmonio on December 18, 2013

This morning I had an aha moment. It was actually more of an aha reminder, as this is a piece that I am constantly coming back to. Are you accepting your horse for who they really are? Or are you wanting them to be who you want them to be? There’s no wrong answer, but what I’ve learned over the years is this. When I interact with a horse from the place of wanting them to be different (I bought a nervous horse but I want him to babysit me) all I hit is resistance. Resistance in me and resistance in them. Working with them starts to feel bad. I find myself not wanting to go out to the barn. I lose my motivation.

Yet as soon as I accept them as they are everything shifts. If my horse is insecure and I accept it I open my mind to finding ways to help him become more confident. If my horse is playful I can stop fighting with him about grabbing everything in his mouth and get him a jolly ball to play with or make sure he gets turned out with another horse who likes to play. Sometimes acceptance looks like asking for help or making the decision to take lessons on a horse that is calm and trustworthy. The only way to find out is by getting honest about who your horse is and what your horse needs.

So in the spirit of Christmas let’s take a look from our horse’s perspective. What does he/she want for Christmas? A playful horse may want a jolly ball or an orange cone. A food driven horse may want a bag of carrots or a likkit. A friendly horse may simply want some extra time to spend with you. Or if you have a princess on your hands, like I do with Breeze, she may want a new warm blanket, a beauty treatment (extra long groom) and a pack of candy canes that she doesn’t have to share!

If you’re struggling to decipher what is important for your horse maybe a copy of If Your Horse Could Talk is a gift for you both!