Dreams, horses and my mom

Posted by harmonio on September 9, 2014


The summer has been a pretty quiet one for me with the passing of my mom (pictured above). After a tedious battle with cancer she crossed into the formless in mid June, leaving me with a beautiful summer to reflect on both my life and hers. As with most of my relationships, horses were one of many connection points that my mom and I shared. It started many years ago as she drove me an hour long drive each way for my weekly riding lessons and continued on in more recent years as my horses became her grandbabies. She spoiled them with an endless supply of treats and helped out with chores a number of days each week until she was no longer healthy enough to do so.

What I have realized most in the past couple of years is how lucky I am to have a mother who supports me in following my dreams. She always encouraged me to follow my heart, no matter how scared I felt at the time. This is probably why I transformed from a scared young girl, whose riding barely improved during the first few years of riding because of fear, to an equine behaviour specialist known for working with the horses no one else wanted to. My mother taught me to reach for my dreams and trust that there was a way to reach them.

If I’ve learned anything this summer it’s that life is too short to let fear stop us from following our passion. If you’re like me and horses are what make your heart sing then you owe it to yourself to make your time with your horse as fulfilling as possible. Maybe that means carving more time into your day to enjoy an extra few minutes at the barn, so you can slow down and immerse yourself in the present moment. Or perhaps it’s letting go of the “shoulds” and taking a day off from ring work to head out on the trail. It may even be that you’re like me and more than anything want to enjoy your horse but need some help gaining your confidence and working through some fear. Whatever it is that fills your soul and makes your spirit shine bright, honour it. Do whatever you need to do to make the most of your time and cherish every moment of it.

One of the things that fills me up the most these days is helping others stop fear from getting in the way of their joy, especially when it comes to horses. In the spring I offered the first Calm and Confident classroom series and it was so well received I decided to share it again. I’m not going to go on about it here, because I trust if it’s something you want to find out more about you’ll be clicking the link above.  I think deep down we all know what’s best for us and no one knows what you need better than you. So I’ll leave you with this final thought: