Where does your curiosity lead?

Posted by harmonio on March 16, 2015


If your horse could talk...

For as long as I can remember horses have fascinated me. I've been forever curious about what they do, why they do it and how to be in relationship with them. Over the years I have been asked when I decided that working with horses was what I wanted to do. The truthful answer is that I never really decided, I just kept following my curiosity and sense of wonder. It's been pretty incredible where this never ending search for connection and joy has led me. As it happened, the more engaged I became in learning the more doors that opened for me to grow - both personally and professionally. 

But there was a time when I briefly questioned my career with horses. I was eighteen years old and had just quit my first full time job in the equine industry. Up until that point I'd always relied on a well established and personal understanding of my own horses to create my need for connection with these animals, but I quickly learned being a professional meant working with a variety of horses on a much more limited time basis than I was used to. In short, without spending every free waking hour with one or two specific horses I didn't know how to connect or understand horses in a way that fulfilled me - or them. I felt lost and confused, wondering if my dreams of spending my days with horses was a pipe dream.

As a fellow horse lover you can probably guess what happened next, as it's probably happened to you when faced with the choice of having horses in your life or not. I found a way to make it happen. I took a serving job, bought a ten month old gelding named Apollo and began channelling all my time and resources into learning about giving him the right start. By the time he was two I went down to California to attend a horse psychology and equine body language clinic geared towards starting young horses. As I opened my perspective to that of the horse I felt reinvigorated and my passion to spend all day, every day, with horses was renewed. 

I realized that after my first full time job with horses I had given up too easily. The sense of awe I was missing at that time had nothing to do with my job, it had to do with my understanding of horses. Since then I have realized that every time I feel a sense of boredom, frustration, disconnect or fear when it comes to horses, it is a message reminding me there is more to learn. Horses will always provide me with more joy, they just assume that like them I will continue to search out what feels good and learn from what doesn't.

These days what feels good is sharing my knowledge with others. If you're all about engaging your curiosity and fostering your connection with horses please keep reading and check out my upcoming live series If Your Horse Could Talk. Maybe it feels like a fit, maybe not. Either way I hope to keep connecting and sharing my love of horses with all of you. Please feel free to stop by the Harmonious Horsemanship page on Facebook and leave questions, comments or suggestions on how I can help you become your horse's best friend!

Pyramid Stables presents

 If Your Horse Could Talk with Equine Behaviour Specialist Jodine Carruthers
A four part classroom series on April 9, 16, 23 & 30

This fun filled classroom series is a refreshing and educational alternative to the usual stable management series. Designed for students at a variety of experience levels, this four part series on horse psychology and equine body language will help participants better understand safety, horse/human relationships and how to identify the individual personalities of the horses they ride and work with. Each week we’ll start in the classroom and end up outside for a demonstration or observation exercise.

Throughout this horse psychology series Jodine will introduce participants to:

  • The natural instincts, senses and learning styles of the horse
  • Equine body language-how to read it and how to communicate with it
  • The species and individual needs of the horse, and how to identify them
  • Leadership and herd dynamics

Classes are on Thursday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm in the Pyramid Stables classroom.
Cost is $150+gst. Registration is required.
Please contact Jenny at (250) 390-7631 to register.

Happy horse times!