You Can Have It All!

Posted by harmonio on December 3, 2013

Let's just get things out in the open. There is a whole lot of pressure in the horse industry to choose; natural horsemanship or traditional horsemanship. There is also a massive load of judgement thrown around if you don't choose the same as someone else. I've been on forums and at live events where I feel like I'm back in high school. Being pressured to do the cool thing...not that I was very "cool" or did well with being pressured. Tell me what I can't do and I'll do it anyway. I ended up with a number of different groups I hung around with. Some where cool, some not so much but either way I spent time where I was happy. 

Anyway, back to the horse industry. Rather than being pressured to choose natural or traditional horsemanship I chose integrity. I don't care how someone, trainer or horse owner, define themselves. I care how they treat themselves, their horses and other people. If there is respect, compassion, understanding and a genuine interest in better themselves I'm into it. If there is domination, ego, aggression and a lack of respect I don't care how famous you are I'm out.

It's easy, it's simple. It just feels right.